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Best one for the money

Works great, battery life is good, the best one I've found for the cost.

Works great

I bought it for my 14lb Chihuahua mix, put it on him and within minutes he didn’t bark anymore and now we don’t even need it on and he still won’t bark. Just be CAREFUL with the settings, didn’t realize one time it some how (most likely our child messed it the setting on it while it was on him) it was set to 5 and he barked and didn’t stop because it hurt! So only use like setting 1-3.

Do not buy

This item says it is for puppies. Don't be fooled. It barely works for my 8 week old pit bull puppy. The price draws you in,but don't do it. The shock isn't enough to stop the barking. Spend more money, and get something worthwhile.

Stops barking

I love this collar so much! My dog barks at everything and it is nonstop. I put this on him and he barked once and stopped. Whenever he does bark, it's only once and he stops.

Wow it works

This product has made training so easy thank you.

Useful training aid

Well made and easy to use. Dog started learning immediately.

Get the job done

Works well and controls my dogs behavior. Battery life is long and is a humane way to train your dog

It makes my puppy be quiet for a while

I don't use it too often, only when my puppy starts excessive barking and I use it to quiet him down.


I like it cause you record 2 messages on it for your dog to hear

Works like a charm without shocking or hurting your doggo.

I was nervous at first because my dog barked and cried constantly when I would leave him alone. Straight up just would bark for hours on end and drive my neighbors insane. I live in an apartment and I didn’t want to lose him, so I had to try something. Within a week of wearing this I could leave it off of him some days and he would be quiet. Here we are 10 months later, doesn’t make a sound anymore when I leave . The only time he barks now is playtime and if someone gets too close to me. This thing literally saved me from losing him forever. THANK YOU

No longevity on battery

After 6 months the battery starts dying in 2 days without excessive use.

Great for training

I bought this to help train my dog to listen. I love that it has two separate buttons to record your command. My husband and I both recorded our voices telling our girl no. If she’s outside doing something she shouldn’t be, we can push the button and it play on the collar. She listens well. Then there is a 2 separate voice recording buttons, beep button, vibrate, and then shock. You can lock the remote so shock can’t be used. You set the volume and intensity


Collar works just as expected. Great battery life and easy to set up.

Great new device that helps me with my pupper

Initially, during set up, I figured it would complicated to use this device, but it isn’t. Quite the contrary, it’s very easy. I like the convenience of the recording portion. I’d never want to shock my pet; it just seems cruel, because the vibration gets the job done easily & you never would want your pet to equate pain with learning something fun & new. It can certainly be used as a deterrent for bad behavior as well. At first, I became quite concerned about using this because it left a small rubbed place around my pet’s neck. This troubled me, so I wrote the manufacturer & they were kind enough to offer me a paid trip to the vet to be certain she was alright. That was really impressive & quite nice. Fortunately, it wasn’t needed, & she was fine. The company was kind enough to send me a 2nd device free of charge, after a small part got lost!! I’m grateful for this company & this amazing product. Thank you.

Great buy

Bought it for my parents who have 3 acres to use on their small young dog. They put it on him and have never had to use the shock. Just the sound and vibration at 2 brings him back to the house.

Works great for our Yorkie

Our Yorkie barks constantly at our cats. All we have to do now is ask her if she wants her collar on, and she quiets down!

Great e-collar!

I don’t necessarily use the shock setting as my dog responds effectively to the vibrate setting. Overall it is a fantastic collar for the price, I highly recommend it to anyone who has a dog that relentlessly barks until the neighbors come knocking!

Enough -

I needed to curb some barking. This was plenty to stop unnecessary barking. Easy to use also.

Great value!

I like the ease of recharging. My dog does not wear it unless the barking becomes problematic. Key is to turn it off when not in use to conserve battery.


I purchased this product to get my golden retriever to stop scaring me when I was working from home. I am so happy with this. She finally stops barking so that I can peacefully complete my work! Optional photos or videos

This products works great.

Charge lasts a long time. Great quality.

This worked so wrll

I bought this for my daughter as she moved and her lil dachshund barked to much in her apt and she was getting complaints. This totally solved the barking issue and took very little time for him to figure out barking was not good. Battery life good

Good value

Good value for price has helped our dog from barking

Great product & fast shipment

Love the product. Works great