How It Works

With our anti barking devices and dog training collars - say goodbye to shocking methods and embrace the gentle approach to curb excessive barking

bark stopper


1. Dog's barking activation

Dog's barking triggers the activation of a training device. Whenever the dog barks, the training device will be triggered to operate on its own. Depending on the specific device, the dog will either hear an unpleasant high-pitched sound or experience a sudden vibration – there is no use of electric shocks. This diversion helps shift the dog's focus away from whatever was causing the barking.

dog barking stopper


2. Initiate the Training!

The dog will grasp that its barking results in the bothersome noise or vibration, prompting it to reduce its barking and eventually cease. While certain dogs comprehend this immediately, others might require a few weeks to catch on.

dog barking device


3. Savor the Tranquility

Unwind in your outdoor space, accomplish tasks remotely, or relish a much-needed rest. Although the dog retains the ability to bark when genuinely required, it's likely that the barking will be reserved for truly essential situations.