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STÙNICK SC1 Bark Collar for Small Dogs & Shock Collar for Small Dogs

STÙNICK SC1 Bark Collar for Small Dogs & Shock Collar for Small Dogs

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Smart Dual Detection for Small Dogs - Our small dog bark collar excels in recognizing your small dog's barks while filtering out other sounds, ensuring no false triggers and maximum comfort. Whether you're in search of the best bark collar for small dogs or a reliable small dog shock collar, our solution is tailored to meet your needs.

Total Safety for Dogs and Humans - Our dog shock collar small option prioritizes safety for pets and people alike. No need for remote fuss - the hands-free, anti-bark design, combined with automatic induction and conduction, effectively curbs barking in real-time. Enjoy tranquility with a small dog shock collar or small bark collar for dog, ensuring peace even when you're away.

Versatile Training Collar for Small Dogs - With a focus on small breeds, our anti-bark collar features an adjustable strap (6 ~ 23 inches) made from premium nylon, ensuring maximum comfort. It's not only the best shock collar for small dogs, but also an efficient small dog barking collar, providing diverse training solutions tailored specifically for training collar for small dogs.

Small Dog-Friendly Gearing, Effortless Adjustment - Created for small dogs, our bark collar offers three gear options for various sizes. Start with "Ⅰ" for initial use and adapt as your dog responds. This bark collar for small dogs ensures seamless training.

Train Safety with Bark Collar for Small Dog - Our innovative bark collar small dog solution features a versatile three-gear system, perfectly suited for small breeds. Whether you're searching for a dedicated bark collar for small dog training or a reliable bark shock collar for small dogs, begin with the "Ⅰ" gear for initial use and fine-tune as your dog responds. This user-friendly design ensures effective training for smaller breeds.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews

i have 2 pitbulls and these things are incredible! perfect for car rides, leaving them alone in the camper, or days when they get too barky in the yard its my go to tool. I dont keep it on all the time and find that they know when its coming on and just putting it on them has become pretty useful so they keep working even if i forget to charge them since they think it will buzz


This bark collar works great to keep my dog from waking up or scaring my toddler. She’s a weenie dog and she normally barks non stop, but this has put an end to it. It doesn’t hurt her either!


We have purchased 2 of them for a Pomchi and a Paperanian. The Pomchi is deaf but vibration works for her. I hope the battery lasts longer but other than that we are pretty happy with this collar.

John Kane

Unbelievable! Buy two just in case you have a neighbor who has a dog that barks incessantly. 10 out of 10.Update: The collar died. I can charge it anymore. Wil return. 😐

Pat Walsh

We've used it for about 11 days now and the battery level has only gone down one bar. Very little barking with the collar set to vibrate and sound, which was our goal.We have a 1 year old Norwegian Elkhound who spends a lot of time outdoors in cool weather but really likes to bark. A lot. Mostly at the neighbor's dog. We'd been using a Pet Safe collar (shock only) and that worked fine. She would not bark at all with the collar on, and didn't seem to care about the collar one way or the other. Didn't mind at all when the collar was put on; didn't get excited when it was removed. We'd hoped that she would be able to be left outside without the bark collar but every time we tried she would soon be running up and down the fence barking at the other dog.If we were going to have to keep a bark collar on whenever she was going to be out for awhile, I wanted one that would allow some barking, without her being afraid of getting shocked. The STUNICK collar has met that goal so far. We have it set to vibrate and sound only. Since we aren't using the shock feature, we removed the prongs so it doesn't gouge her neck and is more comfortable.We are very happy with the collar. She barks now and then when she sees a stranger and a little at other dogs, which is what we were looking for. I take the collar off and on as she goes in and out of the house, but leave it turned on until she is in for the night. It vibrates and beeps when you turn it off and on and I think this probably uses more battery than just leaving it on for a few hours.She reacts to this collar being taken off or on just like the other, i.e. doesn't care either way but I'm glad she's now able to bark a little if she needs to.